Carole the Psychic

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Carole's recommended reading:

Much of the information we seek is right in our own religious texts, scriptures, or holy books. They are a wonderful place to begin our search for answers to life's questions.  
 Title  Author
 29 Gifts  Cami Walker
 Anatomy of the Spirit  Caroline Myss, PhD
 Anatomy of an Illness  Norman Cousins
 Chakra Clearing  Doreen Virtue, PhD
 Contacting Your Spirit Guide  Sylvia Browne
 Do Psychic Readings Through Touch  Ted Andrews
 Energy Vampires  Dorothy Harbour
 Healing Reiki          Eleanor McKenzie
 Indigo Adults  Ritama Davidson
 Psychic Protection  William Bloom
 Psychic's Guide to Getting a Good Reading  Lisa Barretta
 The Power of Reiki  Tanmaya Honervogt
 Working With Your Chakras  Ruth White
















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